About Honestly Healthy

Do you want to get rid of your negative habits and behavior that are causing you pain and suffering?

Then you are in the right place. 

Honestly Healthy is an online therapy that combines hypnosis & health coaching helping people to overcome anxiety, addictions & binge eating.

Fast and effective, Hypnosis & Coaching engage your conscious mind by bringing self-awareness to your patterns and anchor changes by transforming you at the level of the subconscious mind, where limiting beliefs, emotional triggers (memories), and habits are stored. 

As you may know, our behaviors are built upon beliefs, values, and conditioned patterns running in the subconscious mind.

Our beliefs impact our day-to-day lives in ways we may not realize and can manifest as physical or emotional conditions, blocks, fears, phobias, or addictions.

Honestly Healthy will help you identify and transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs, in the unconscious mind.

In as little as one to three sessions people have seen massive changes.






Working with your subconscious beliefs can help you with a lot more...

Find Peace of Mind

Coping with stress and anxiety is crucial for your emotional wellbeing. If you’re not able to quiet your busy mind, this might lead to insomnia, panic attacks, and burnout. Having any of these issues in your life will stop you from achieving success and being happy. Everything you do affects your mental health - the food you eat, the lifestyle you lead, the way you perceive even the most insignificant situation. Together we can find what makes you restless as well as how we can put your mind at ease and raise your energy frequency.

Establish a Balance

Do you have the feeling that things are out of control? If you’ve noticed that you often overreact or have intense food cravings, maybe it’s time for a change. Find the balance by gaining control of your emotions and eating! Honestly Healthy will help you adopt positive habits and let go of the coping mechanisms which no longer serve you.  

Build Self-Esteem

Have you heard the saying, “Your worst enemy is yourself”? It corresponds to the idea that your inner critic is trying to bring you down all the time. We all tend to overthink certain situations, but you shouldn’t let your self-doubts take over your life. 

Become Successful

Changing the thinking patterns that make you feel demotivated to achieve what you want and incapable of seeing the big picture is a key part of the solution. Advanced conversational hypnosis create instant breakthrough to help you see this.

Discover the Purpose

If you’re miserable with what you do, maybe it’s just not your thing. Don’t be afraid to abandon what disturbs you. The only way to discover the purpose of your life is to show yourself to the world and genuinely connect with others. Following your intuition and embracing your true self is not about being unique; it’s about being real. It’s about being honest - mostly to yourself.

Empower yourself to live the life you actually want to live.

My Story

Hey there! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Aurelie Parant, I grew up in the countryside of France in Burgundy. I've always been attracted to traveling & exploring new places. Living a life of freedom.

I never knew what I wanted to do and didn't enjoy working in close space so I ran away to work on superyachts. I thought I would only do it for 2 years, it turns out it was an amazing way to travel, learn new cultures, languages and get paid to do it, so I stayed many years.

Exploring the world, being on the road made me learn a lot about chasing your dream, chasing happiness. Personality-wise I've always been an introvert.

Ever since I was a kid, I was shy and highly sensitive. I struggled with severe anxiety. This, combined with a lack of self-confidence, made going to school a challenge.

Later on, stress and anxiety kept on having a terrible impact on my life. I wasn’t able to fully enjoy my life-something wasn't right. I was constantly worrying about different aspects of my life and felt disconnected from who I truly was and what I wanted to achieve.

Despite all of the difficulties, I found the strength to celebrate life instead of being afraid of it. 

Throughout all these years, I didn’t stop reading, learning, and trying to change with the power of my mind and food. I was determined that I’ll find a way to improve my well-being without using any medications. Part of the process was going through an elimination diet and discovering how my eating habits were affecting me. I found out that certain types of food had a significant impact on my mental and physical condition.

My revelation didn’t end there. During the next decade, I did vast research and took my knowledge to the next level. I studied in detail how to become healthier, happier  and became a holistic health coach.

Being authentic to myself, being vulnerable to the world, finding and sharing my talents, my transformation path was long, and at times, I had a bumpy ride! But now I know what it takes to be in harmony with the world. I meditate, practice yoga, relax with essential oils and do what makes me happy. 

I lead a free lifestyle despite all the struggles I encountered in my youth. But how did this happen?

My insatiable thirst for adventure allowed me to leave my town and my comfort zone. My biggest wish was to travel. At first, it seemed impossible to pursue my dream of sailing all over the world as I couldn’t speak English fluently. Thankfully, I realized that the only actual barrier was my mind, so I destroyed my mental boundaries and took the leap. 

I’m so grateful that my past shy and sensitive self could somehow find the confidence to change and grow! I perceive this as a valuable lesson:

Everything is possible if you believe in yourself!

As that’s easier said than done, I decided to share my experience and empower other Sensitive Introverts to change their life and find what enlightens them! I worked hard to build my coaching practice. Honestly Healthy is a dream come true!

Since switching to Health Coaching full-time, the journey still continues, I'm incredibly excited to present you my new Theta Healing modality in my coaching practice. I am looking forward to helping you.

All of them will raise your vibration and unleash your full potential as a Sensitive Introvert. Are you ready for the transformation journey of your life?