If you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by all the things that require your attention, you need the 28-Day Stress Relief program. It will help you cope with the stress of everyday life by learning how to raise your vibration. 

After a month, you’ll notice a drastic change in the way you experience all of your life’s aspects: challenges at work, relationships with family and friends, physical health, and mental balance. You'll become more aware, in control and able to deal with everything.

Some of the benefits of this program are:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Energy and creativity boost
  • Better mood and sleep
  • Increased motivation and self-confidence
  • Improved focus and attention span 

The transformation in your energy frequency will allow you to finally get unstuck. Furthermore, after these four weeks, you’ll feel empowered and able to significantly improve the quality of your life.

You’re one month away from being happier and more successful! The 28-Day Stress Relief program lasts four weeks, and it doesn’t rely on diets or strict regimes; instead, it encourages you to take small but practical steps.

This program includes five sessions. During the first session, we’ll identify your goals, and find what is blocking you from achieving them. Afterward, we'll have a one-hour coaching phone call every week. You’ll discover how to use the power of the food and your mind as well as proven holistic techniques to transform your life.

Throughout these four weeks, you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

How to enhance your energy by changing your eating habits?

We are what we eat! If you consume primarily packaged and processed foods, you’re most probably not full of energy. Improving your eating habits can happen only after discovering what gives you energy and what takes it away.

Which foods are the best for your unique lifestyle and body type?

Food companies apply "healthy" labels on almost everything, so it has become impossible to determine which foods have an actual positive impact on your body and mind. The truth is, some healthy foods are way more suitable for you than others. During the 28-Day Stress Relief program, we’ll discuss your unique lifestyle, and discover your body type, so that you start consuming only what’s appropriate for you personally.

How the different types of food affect the way you feel?

Maybe your anxiety is not in your head but in your plate! Some foods trigger chemical reactions in the brain, causing anxiety and insomnia, among others. There’s a chance that your favorite meals make you feel bad, and you’d be better off without them.

How to listen to your intuition and to what your body and mind are trying to tell you?

Your body and mind are giving you signals all the time. They process tremendous amounts of information to make sure you’re safe, and that the situation you’re in is good for you. But it’s not that easy to listen to your intuition in this noisy and cluttered world. With the help of meditation and breathing techniques, you’ll rediscover the power of your inner voice and reconnect with yourself. 

How to raise your vibration and develop a positive mindset?

Setting the bar too high and feeling constantly overwhelmed are two of the most common signs that you’re under a lot of stress. Once you’ve gotten into the overstressed state of mind, it’s inevitable to stay focused on all the things you’re not doing right, enough, or on time. During the 28-Day Stress Relief program, you’ll learn how to approach life’s challenges in a different way and how important it is to keep your energy vibrating on high frequency so you can attract what you truly want.

In the course of this program, you’ll gain valuable knowledge which will help you throughout your whole life. Are you ready to become happier and more successful?